So I made this absolutely awesome paniyaram with filling of bacon bits and cheese.

Thanks to @Shreya512 for the bacon idea.

Decided to go the Fixie route and got myself this beauty.

Clearly. Geeks and cats get along very very well.

And no. I am not strangling the cat.

And evening walks like this.. encountering bisons and hornbills.

My morning view for the past few days. I already miss it.

If you don’t follow kaafirwrites on Insta. You should.

Aise lafz likthe hain woh
Ke dil unhe sunta hai

And with Kodak, who at that time was manufacturing Cine lenses for movie cameras, produced the Kardon camera. The camera was failure because it was released during the end of the war, but it features some amazing lenses. These are adapted from the Kodak Cine series for the Leica thread mount (M39). There were military copies sold mostly with the Ektar 43mm/f1.9 lens.

And last month, I was lucky to get one of those lenses. It shoots beautiful images like paintings. Shown with the Leica M9.

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Blast from the past. Sid and @jackerhack shot using M6 with 50mm Nikkor LTM using Kodak PlusX.

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