Highlight of my day - planning to make this into a thread. One thing in my day that amuses me/makes me laugh/smile

The place where I work oversees a common space below. Every morning, there is a couple who sit there, talking, laughing, and holding hands. Today I saw them take selfies on each other’s phone, with their brightest smile and setting it as the wallpaper.

Made me smile. It felt warm.

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That perfect neer dosa. I love it when the batter consistency is just right and the pan throws up perfect neer dosas. Soft. Melt in mouth. And goes perfectly with the sambhar I made.

A good breakfast is something I look forward to everyday.

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I browsed over old scanned negatives and found some frames I never even processed. One frame had Jace and Sid in it, and it felt like different lifetime. We met at Barbeque Nation for lunch close to 10 years ago. The memory of it brought a smile to my face.

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@ashwin here you would need to prove that you are married in the first place and face the second by second scrutiny of a sexually deprived society which holds the bestest culture banner of entire nature for such a natural joy

@st_in where is here? I described a scene in India :)

@ashwin it could happen anywhere in India even can see police terrifying couples except in few metro cities

@st_in look. I shared it as a moment of genuine happiness I came across. I don’t want to debate on how others perceive it or as a political statement.

@ashwin neither me have any such intentions but said a hard truth sorry for the inconvenience

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