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Personal Data Protection bill not pass in this Indian parliament session.

Reason: is a huge market. Nandan & team not finished capturing that market yet. Pending items include Account Aggregator.

Wait & watch

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First Mastodon server migration experiment

Migrated to this instance by @ashwink . My old toots are at

Loved the way social graph is autoimported. The following list need export and import

The toots wont be migrated and not possible to import, but remains at previous instance, but possible to download as tar.gz file.

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"Throttling the Media in Jammu & Kashmir" -- A video by @narjoman that explores how internet stifles and access to information. Featuring narration by @MishiChoudhary of @SFLCin.


Remembering ഇമ്മിണി ബല്യേ ഒന്ന് . Thread
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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT "2+2=5". As a former mathematician, I have things to say. 1/🧵

"The court is now muted"! How poetic
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Justice Mishra says to Dhavan - “This is between you and me”.

Hints at a hearing which may not be in open court.

The court is now muted.

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Ah, a popular scam is never complete with a Youtube subscription channel that provides online support. We had a similar aha moment when we found out aadhaar-how-to-hack support channels.

The matter has now been listed on August 13th. The Respondents have been ordered to make their stance clear on the voluntary-mandatory nature of Aarogya Setu.

The Bench ordered that the if the respondents make a statement that no person who has not downloaded @SetuAarogya will be denied access to any services, the prayer of the petition can be worked out.

Senior Adv Colin Gonsalves drew Court's attention towards the Guidelines for Passengers published on the @AAI_Official website.

The State of Karnataka has made Aarogya Setu mandatory for all passengers visiting the State to install

Mr. Nargund, the standing counsel of UoI, argued that the counter filed by the UOI clearly states that the MHA notification dated 30.05.2020 and subsequent orders supersede the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s order mandating installation of Aarogya Setu in the offices.

The CJ Abhay Oka sought clarification regarding the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare SoP dated June 4 and the Bangalore Metro decision to make Aarogya Setu mandatory from the Counsel for UOI Mr. Nargund.

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Did the Committee on Non-Personal Data Framework have any lawyers? Everything the report says seems to have been written with no idea of how Copyright or Trade Secret law or Competition law works. Just bcoz we don't like Big Tech, you can't wish the world away

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IIT Madras, India’s top technical institute, welcomes you to the world’s first online BSc Degree program in Programming and Data Science. { I think its a great opportunity, Apply }

Update: SFLC.IN and Senior Adv @ColinGonsalves_ raised this in the Karnataka HC during the hearing of Aarogya Setu petition filed by @anivar
The UoI has been asked to clarify its stance on Aarogya Setu. The matter has been listed for Aug 13

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Petition will now be heard on August 13 when the respondents must make clear their stand on use of @SetuAarogya

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ASG has clarified that installing and use of @SetuAarogya app is not mandatory as per SOP issued on June 4 by @MoHFW_INDIA

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HC order: If the respondents and added respondent make a statement that no person who has not downloaded @SetuAarogya app will not be denied access to any of the services or facilities the prayer can be worked out, the authorities must make clear their stand.

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ASG Says similar prayers are made in a petition filed before the Kerala High Court

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ASG M B Nargund says "i have received at 1 pm this memo. I will take instructions."

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Counsel for AAI seeks time to make submissions.
HC: If the stand of the central government is so clear you (AAI) are making it mandatory.

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Sr adv Colin Gonsalves argues that "Three days back on July 30, AAI has issued statment that all passengers must download Aarogya setu app. "

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