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Personal Data Protection bill not pass in this Indian parliament session.

Reason: is a huge market. Nandan & team not finished capturing that market yet. Pending items include Account Aggregator.

Wait & watch

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First Mastodon server migration experiment

Migrated to this instance by @ashwink . My old toots are at

Loved the way social graph is autoimported. The following list need export and import

The toots wont be migrated and not possible to import, but remains at previous instance, but possible to download as tar.gz file.

In context of COVID-19 situation & to grant immediate relief to taxpayers, GOI has decided to issue all pending income-tax refunds upto Rs.5 lakh & GST/Custom refunds with immediate effect.
@nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @Anurag_Office @FinMinIndia @PIB_India @cbic_india

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Happy to see this is honoured now

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@nsitharaman , procesing pending ITR refunds ( pending for months) will be a relief during this lockdown

collects personal information some of which are sensitive personal data such as a person’s gender, and travel information. So, it was necessary to scrutinise the App in these testing times and we do have some concerns with the App

Irish Govt declared Easter Bunny as an essential worker. So children does not need to be anxious /worried about their Easter gifts.
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Important news for children: Many of you contacted me & asked me to if the Easter Bunny was allowed work this weekend. I have checked with our top doctors & the good news is he can. But he has been contacted to remind him about washing his hands regularly &…

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I formally studied economics, and I have a decent working understanding of inflation, money supply and how the economy functions.

This COVID crisis is different! We’ve never had a supply + demand shock like this, ever. Production and economy is basically at a Halt. 1/5

Good to see someone tracking layoffs
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Hi! We are trying to monitor the layoffs due to in India. If you know of a company that has fired employees during this time, let us know.

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As to's OpEd on Live Mint, all I have to say is this - A lawyer trying to convince that the Arogya Setu App is privacy conforming is meaningless w/o publishing the source code. It is an argument based on Authority but not based on evidence.

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Strong words from the Rajasthan High Court as it quashes the FIR against Twitter's Jack Dorsey for holding up a poster that said 'Smash Brahminical Patriarchy'

This reads like blockchain suppose to provide new roads to pass country borders 😀
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The coronavirus pandemic has exposed how vulnerable international supply chains are to disruption. Blockchains could help.

Eloping needs an essential service exception

Anybody writing about "Love in the times of Corona" ?
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Kerala couple elopes, gets booked for violating lockdown rules

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Today we're rolling out new limits on messages that have been forwarded many times already on WhatsApp. You can read more here:

Also read
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Updated the thread on Aarogya Setu based on @matthan's claims in his @livemint op-ed today.

TL;DR His claims do not match with the reality of the Aarogya Setu privacy policy and terms of service

h/t @grumpeoldman for pointing the article to me.

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RT @kingslyj Also ToS and Privacy policy is only in English AFAICT.

What exactly are the majority of Indians consenting to?

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This is another case of positioning the app to be something it isn't. (or even will ever be.)

I can understand bureacratic delays in releasing the source, but it that is a legit goal why threaten people who want to reverse engineer the app?

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When the Aarogya Setu app privacy policy clearly states that the govt. can change the data retention policy without user consent.

How do any of these claims hold true? being a lawyer is either not a very good one, or just plain lying.

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