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Personal Data Protection bill not pass in this Indian parliament session.

Reason: is a huge market. Nandan & team not finished capturing that market yet. Pending items include Account Aggregator.

Wait & watch

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First Mastodon server migration experiment

Migrated to this instance by @ashwink . My old toots are at

Loved the way social graph is autoimported. The following list need export and import

The toots wont be migrated and not possible to import, but remains at previous instance, but possible to download as tar.gz file.

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"The gatekeepers who stand to benefit the most from the introduction of are the " Truer words haven't been said. via

Beef Biriyani from Rahmat. ₹100 a plate + ₹2.5 CGST + ₹2.5 SGST = ₹105

Go to paragon only for Chicken Biriyani

And it is Biriyani. Not Biryani. Even my autocorrect knows that
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Outsiders in Calicut for , here's a food map to try.
Biryani: Paragon
Beef roast: Rahmath
Kuzhimandi: Nahdi
Prawns/beef pickle: Firoz, Kutichira
Veg sadya: Sasthapuri/Alakapuri
Alcohol: Sea Queen/Beach hotel (Beach-facin…

Nagpur alma mater.
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True , Citizenship isn't just about rights, but also about duties.

But CJI states this at a time when citizenship can be stripped at the drop of hat

When citizens are being denied very basic right to live with dignity, we are lectured about duties.

Great interview with Anjali Arondekar on CAA and NRC. Hope more Indian diaspora folks speak out and spread the resistance.

RT Who are directly responsible for integrating various based biometric ID solutions across India

RT The other platform leveraging is Multi-MABIS by Mantra Softtech

RT the board itself has Sharad Sharma (iSpirt) of the anonymous pro-Adhar trollage infamy. Along with another iSpirt member Sanjay Anandram

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States can’t deny CAA implementation, says BJP.

States can’t deny CAA implementation, says Congress.

Can Congress tell us something BJP isn’t already saying?

When is the internet shutdown at Vidhan Soudha, Karnataka Leader Who Was Caught Watching Porn In Assembly Is Now Karnataka Deputy CM
Yeah, right! In other states it is used to create USD 5 includ…

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Today, had auto listed my bike as Bajaj Pulsar 180 in its Garage and made a prompt and said looked up product fits for my bike.

Here is the thing. I don't own Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc.

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When a young Indian woman is attacked by goons, she doesn't turn into a victim. She turns into a hero. Aishe Ghosh. Read about her here:

limiting citizen access to its own “free-basics” is an emerging threat to Internet freedom in India

Text version of same here


AirBnB has a pending patent for ”trait analyzer” AI that will crawl & scrape the Internet to score its users. It will judge if you exhibit ”traits such as 'neuroticism and involvement in crimes' and 'narcissism, Machiavellianism, or psychopathy'”.

I wrote about Internet Saga & Indian State in today's

The tendency of imposing full /limited shutdowns and targeting identities for claiming citizen rights are two sides of the same coin — Indian government’s increasing distrust of its citizens.

Mumbai will put a final nail in the coffin of fascism in India and will recalim the idea of India for which we dream of.

Live from BhiWandi, Mumbai around 2 Lakh people gathered.

A Peter Thiel-funded startup is scraping every photo it can find online (3 billion so far) to build a powerful facial recognition app that it’s selling to law enforcement.

This Govt conducted a Pre-Electoral Bond sale consultation on Jan 6 with industry leaders and Modi before the opening of Sale window

Sale started on Jan 13.

But they called it Pre-Budget meet.

BJP is for funds to feed it party machinery and trolls to counter dissent

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