3. internet makes us more distant from our offline friends and creates a sense of closeness with our online friends. - this one is a prompt for a potential think piece.

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Had a great therapy session last evening, as I always tell my therapist I sound incredibly smart when I talk to her.

Some things I wanted to ponder over from my session:

1. Asking for care helps create space for more people to ask for care, thereby increasing kindness in the universe

2. if people spoke openly about their insecurities, then we wouldn't give them so much power over us, and we would be able to talk about them easily

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Yay! New instance. Fun. So let me introduce myself.

30 year old Cis-male person. Feminist. Poly. Lover of all things cat. Interested in film, music, comic books, sexuality, gender and reading long form articles about genuinely evil companies.

Hello kind hoomans of chow chow.

I am Shreya, live in Chennai with a foot in Bombay and a toe in Bangalore.

Cat Mom
Currently reading Rage Becomes Her
Discovering Poetry rather late in life
Love watching shows written and Starring mostly women.
Love food and cooking, will also cry while watching most food shows.

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